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Runtime 4.88.5 (Supported Stable)

AUTHOR: JourneyApps Product Team

We are excited to announce that runtime version 4.88.5 stable has been released.

Version 4.88 introduces the ability to upload and apply custom fonts to an app; includes updates to app digest cycles for improved app performance; and includes enhancements for the capture-signature UI component.

You can use this version of the runtime by selecting it from the list of stable runtime versions under App Settings/Runtime Version in OXIDE.



  • Internal updates to the capture-coordinates and display-coordinates components.



  • An issue where the edit-typeahead dropdown in an object-table was not always fully visible when the column was one of the last columns of the table.



  • A regression causing the checkboxes in an object-table edit-boolean cell to not center correctly when no label was provided.

  • An issue where the capture-coordinates component would take long to load when entering a view from a cold start.



  • An issue with the capture-file component causing it to get stuck in an infinite loading state.

  • A regression resulting in a difference in row height when using frozen columns in an object-table.



  • A regression where a button with an empty label displayed full-width, instead of shrinking to the size of the icon.

  • An issue where a button or button-group with attribute type="primary" did not appear at the bottom of the view.

  • An issue where object-table columns with action icons did not render the icon at the end of the cell.



  • The ability to upload custom fonts and apply them in an app. Read more about this in the docs here.

  • New font attribute to UI components to override the font on a component level.

  • The following attributes to the capture-signature component:

    • orientation - See its docs here.

    • dialog-title - See its docs here.

    • Advanced styling attributes: dialog-title-color, dialog-title-background-color, dialog-divider-color, dialog-background-color, dialog-icon-color


  • The draw-pad of the capture-signature component now includes a “Sign here” title to improve the user experience.

  • App digest cycle performance (i.e. when the app recalculates values in the view):

    • We changed how often digest cycles are being run/enqueued:

      • Previously, most actions triggered (or enqueued) a digest cycle. This could cause multiple digest cycles to become enqueued and then at some point would block the user for an extended period until all digest cycles completed.

      • Now, digest cycles are only triggered when necessary. Specifically:

        • Blocking (non-concurrent) actions: a digest cycle is only triggered after all blocking actions complete.

          • Note: when a blocking action takes longer than a set period, a blocking spinner appears, preventing the user to perform any other actions.

          • Most actions are of this kind, e.g. components’ on- events and init and resume functions.

        • Non-blocking (concurrent or asynchronous) actions: only the last action to complete will trigger a digest cycle.

          • An example of this is the on-change event for a text-input.

    • Query results are now cached and re-used in digest cycles, only re-running the queries when a JS/TS function is called, such as in the case for on-scan, on-capture and on-change on input components. This makes the behavior of digest cycles more consistent with that of version 4.84 and previous versions of the JourneyApps Runtime.

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