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October 14, 2021

Runtime 4.82.5 (Supported stable)

We're excited to announce that runtime version 4.82.5 stable has been released.

Version 4.82 includes support for controlling apps via voice commands, as well as new map feature updates to display markers. Version 4.82.5 includes additional minor fixes.

You can use this version of the runtime by selecting it from the list of stable runtime versions under App Settings/Runtime Version in OXIDE.



  • A bug that resulted in a "this is undefined" error when performing an action via an on-change function.
  • An issue where a HTML component's height was no longer automatically calculated when no height was specified. This resulted in a scrollbar appearing in most HTML components.



  • The context menu will now correctly show indicators when defined in the app.xml.
  • The language selector is again legible in dark mode.
  • South African ID number validation is now fixed for 29 February birth dates.



  • When an object-table resizes, an embedded button-group now changes to collapsed mode.


  • Issues related to the size and fit of object-table controls on smaller screens.



  • Issues related to view-state that were caused by rapidly triggering back on device back buttons.



  • Realwear┬« HMT voice control support using the new journey.voice API. Please read the docs for more info.
  • capture-coordinates has been updated, and we've added a new component called display-coordinates. Both can display markers on a map (statically define, or defined using DB objects), including tooltips and more. Please read the documentation for display-coordinates and capture-coordinates to learn more.
  • Both the runtime and container versions are now reported and returned in the Sessions API. You can also access them using journey.runtime.version and journey.container.version.


  • The Update and Later buttons for app update notifications have been swapped around to follow usability best practices.
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