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Runtime 4.87.3 (Latest Stable)

AUTHOR: JourneyApps Product Team

We are excited to announce that runtime version 4.87.3 stable has been released.

Version 4.87 introduces the time-input component, and includes improvements to the in-app sync indicator. This version also contains various smaller improvements and fixes. These are listed below.

You can use this version of the runtime by selecting it from the list of stable runtime versions under App Settings/Runtime Version in OXIDE.



  • A bug introduced in version 4.87.0 of the JourneyApps Runtime where the label of the toggle UI component was rendered even if it was empty.

  • An issue where the advanced active-color, active-handle-color, inactive-color and inactive-handle-color attributes of the toggle UI component did not accept named color values.

  • A bug where the context-menu was not accessible from the Diagnostics view under certain conditions.



  • A bug causing the app to error after setting auto-download="true" on an attachment field in the data model, and then receiving an app update.

  • An issue where the sidebar UI component failed to display on mobile screen sizes when the visible-on-mobile attribute was set to true.

  • An issue affecting the date-input and datetime-input UI components where a part of the date picker could appear off-screen, making it impossible to select certain dates.



  • An issue where an incorrect placement of whitespace was observed below an object-table when the controls="none" setting was enabled.

  • An issue where format strings for date and datetime values were not accurately considering the app's language. Moving forward, these values will be formatted according to the language selected in the application.



  • The time-input UI component, allowing users to capture a time value only. See its docs here.

  • A new deregister method was added to the html component, to remove callbacks from the component for a specific command or view. See its syntax here.


  • The sync indicator, situated in the top-right corner of an app, has been redesigned to include a more granular breakdown of the sync process, and it now includes additional details to assist with troubleshooting when a sync error occurs (e.g. Server errors now include the HTTP response codes, e.g. Internal Server Error (500)).

  • Updated the datetime-input UI component, including new attributes and component methods. See its updated docs here.

  • Updated the card UI component, including new advanced attributes such as setting text color and font size. See its updated docs here.


  • When the device is out of sync with the server time, the error would not show after the first sync when an app is opened.


  • The placeholder-date and placeholder-time attributes of the datetime-input UI component have been deprecated and replaced with date-placeholder and time-placeholder respectively.

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