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Runtime 4.86.14

AUTHOR: JourneyApps Product Team

We are excited to announce that runtime version 4.86.14 stable has been released.

Version 4.86 introduces Arabic as a new app language, several new and more consistent alignment and positioning attributes across UI components, and the ability to customize the favicon of web containers.

You can use this version of the runtime by selecting it from the list of stable runtime versions under App Settings/Runtime Version in OXIDE.



  • An issue where the app update banner appeared behind the sidebar UI component on mobile devices.

  • A bug introduced in 4.86.13 causing click events to not fire on sidebar items on mobile devices.



  • A bug introduced in version 4.86 of the JourneyApps Runtime, where a button with an empty label displayed full-width, instead of shrinking to the size of the icon.

  • A bug introduced in version 4.86 of the JourneyApps Runtime, where the close icon of a optionList displayed on the incorrect side.

  • An issue with the sidebar throwing an error when long-pressing or when the item has no on-press.



  • An issue where the advanced active-color, active-handle-color, inactive-color and inactive-handle-color attributes of the toggle UI component did not accept named color values.



  • A bug causing the app to error after setting auto-download="true" on an attachment field in the data model, and then receiving an app update.

  • An issue where the sidebar UI component failed to display on mobile screen sizes when the visible-on-mobile attribute was set to true.



  • An issue where an incorrect placement of whitespace was observed below an object-table when the controls="none" setting was enabled.

  • An issue where format strings for date and datetime values were not accurately considering the app's language. Moving forward, these values will be formatted according to the language selected in the application.



  • An issue where, under certain conditions, the app enters an infinite loading state (with the loading spinner blocking any further interactions).



  • The timeout parameter was added to the TCPSocket options.

    • Note: This will also reflect in OXIDE's auto-complete soon.


  • A "No enrolled user" error when opening the container after the user session has been locked.

  • A bug introduced in Runtime version 4.86, causing the scan-barcode component to crash the app or throw an error.



  • A regression affecting RealWear devices, where the context-menu cannot be opened from the Diagnostics screen using voice.



  • Voice support on the Select Language screen.

  • Voice support for the Rerun command on the Diagnostics screen.


  • An issue affecting RealWear devices, causing the context-menu to not always register the Close Menu command.



  • An issue where the label-case attribute stopped functioning on some components since runtime version 4.86.1. Affected components include input components, capture- components, display-coordinates, info, and info-table.

  • A regression affecting pagination controls (e.g. on a paginated list), where the next button stopped functioning after navigating away from and back to a view.



  • An issue affecting the on() method when communicating with the html component, where registered callbacks were not consistently cleared when dismissing or replacing a view.

    • Note: Registering a callback for a command using the on() method will now clear any callback already registered for that command on the specific component and view. Previously, subsequent callbacks registered for a command on a specific component and view were ignored.



  • A regression affecting the text-input component bound to a text:password field, where a password's view/hide icon was incorrectly positioned.

  • A regression where the style-align attribute on a object-table stopped functioning.

  • A regression affecting the info component, where the align-text attribute no longer aligned text as expected.

  • An issue where floating action buttons sometimes failed to load upon navigating to or refreshing a view.

  • An issue affecting RealWear devices, where scrolling within the App Help screen sometimes incorrectly scrolled the underlying view.



  • A regression where the column filter input on an object-table only took up half of the provided space.

  • A regression affecting edit-typeahead object-table cells, where the cells' icons were misaligned.

  • An issue where on-long-press for buttons did not function correctly with an external mouse.



  • Arabic is now a supported app language. Read more about it here

  • The ability to customize the favicon of a web container. Find more information here and contact us should you want to update the container-level favicon of an existing web container.

  • The ability to specify the font size and various elements' padding in an object-table. See the advanced attributes list in the object-table reference documentation.

  • Several UI components received new attributes:

  • The ability for an html component to access the device’s microphone and camera from cross origin (remote) HTML sources. 

  • Container-level capabilities are now visible in the Diagnostics view, in the Capabilities section.


  • style="outline" is now also available for floating action buttons.

  • General improvements for indexes on all platforms.


  • When previewing password-protected PDFs using the capture-file or display-file components, users can now successfully dismiss the password prompt and a message will be shown when a password is entered incorrectly.

  • A UI issue where a thin transparent line was displayed between items and dividers in a context-menu on mobile devices.

  • An issue where disabled floating action buttons were still clickable.

  • An issue affecting sidebar which duplicated in the current view whenever a deploy was made during development.

  • An issue affecting multiple-choice-checklist and single-choice-radio, where the align-content attribute was ignored when the component's mode is set to row.

  • An issue where not all section labels were translated in the Diagnostics view.


  • For the info-table component, left-icon, left-icon-color, right-icon and right-icon-color have been deprecated and should be replaced with label-icon, label-icon-color, value-icon and value-icon-color respectively to ensure that your app remains compatible with the JourneyApps Runtime.

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