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Runtime 4.81

AUTHOR: JourneyApps Product Team

We are excited to announce that runtime version 4.81 stable has been released.

It includes updates to scan-barcode, and includes a new way to trigger text-input dialogs from the JS/TS.

You can use this version of the runtime by selecting it from the list of stable runtime versions under App Settings/Runtime Version in OXIDE.



  • Issues related to view-state that were caused by rapidly triggering back on device back buttons.



  • We've reduced the memory usage of photos in list. This helps prevent white screen out of memory issues on iOS, especially when list and multiple photo capture are used together.


  • An issue with list's aspect ratio when displaying photo thumbnails.

  • Visual issues with object-dropdown, including its search bar in dark mode and its icon alignment. 

  • An issue with display-file for PDF's zooming and scaling for low-resolution PDFs.

  • Issues in object-table, including "NaN filters" and selection issues on iOS devices.


  • Developers can now specify the photo resolution for multiple-photo-capture.



  • An issue with dialog scrolling on iOS while the keyboard is open.

  • An issue with the scroll gestures to zoom media such as is displayed in display-photo and display-signature.

  • App memory usage has been improved for various UI components, including navigation, context-menu, and object-table.


  • The scan-barcode UI component has been updated visually, and developers can now trigger the component from JS/TS using journey.hardware.scanBarcode() without specifying an XML component in the view.

  • Developers can easily trigger dialogs with a text-input (and more) from JS/TS using without specifying an XML component in the view.


  • Calling from a view's init() or resume() will work more consistently than before.


  • Please note that button v1 + v2 and object-table v1 + v2 are no longer supported as of this runtime version. Apps will automatically use the latest versions of button and object-table irrespective of whether the app feature flag has been enabled.


This version was retracted. Please use version 4.81.1.

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