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Runtime 4.80

AUTHOR: JourneyApps Product Team

We are excited to announce that runtime version 4.80 stable has been released.

It includes a new multiple photo capture feature, significant updates to our capture-file and display-file components, and numerous other updates developers and app users will appreciate.

You can use this version of the runtime by selecting it from the list of stable runtime versions under App Settings/Runtime Version in OXIDE.



  • A scrolling issue on iOS with dialog when the keyboard is open.

  • An issue with "scrolling to zoom" using touch affecting media components such as display-photo and display-signature.



  • A regression with multi-choice-select where the selection box was the incorrect size.



  • A regression with object-table where sorting columns with a show-if bound to a function would break on-state-change.

  • An issue when object-table displayed no results.



  • An issue with multiple photos' max photo limit calculation.



  • Developers can now allow app end users to take multiple successive photos to be taken with a single tap or click, saving time. Here's a link to the docs.

  • Developers now use the XML attributes align-content and fullwidth on UI components that work with media (i.e. display- and capture-photo, signature and file) to control their alignment and width.

  • App end users can now preview and view PDFs on display-file and capture-file components.

  • Developers can trigger that a PDF attachment is opened programmatically without using display-file using journey.files.viewFile(my_attachment) in the JS / TS.

  • Developers can access the metadata of a file bound to the capture-file component using the new JS component method called .getMetadata(). Along with that, we've also added other component methods to media components (i.e. display- and capture photo, signature and file) to open, close, delete or capture new media.

  • App users can use drag-and-drop to upload their files with the capture-file component.

  • Developers can control whether and how labels should be capitalized.


  • The capture-file and display-file UI components have been updated to be more consistent with other new components.

  • The display-image component is also now more consistent with display-photo and other UI components.

  • The pinch, pan and zoom gestures for photo- and signature components have been improved.


  • An issue where object-table fullscreen mode would show an error.

  • An issue where a dynamic limit would cause object-table to show an error.

  • An issue where apps accessed through a browser were not able to download attachments.

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