JourneyApps Product Team

Runtime 4.76

AUTHOR: JourneyApps Product Team

We are excited to announce that runtime version 4.76 stable has been released.

You can use this version of the runtime by selecting it from the list of stable runtime versions under App Settings/Version Management.



  • An issue where using the back button on a mouse, or the back button in the web browser (for web only) would cause the app to show a blank screen.

  • text-input now correctly suggests capitalized words on mobile keyboards when it is bound to a field with the specification of text:name.



  • A visual bug with the single-choice-radio component.



  • An issue with uploading diagnostics reports.


This release includes all the fixes for v4.75 and the following:


  • The ability to open a container using a deep link and without an enrollment. See Opening External Links for more details on how to use this.

  • A unique identifier a user's device, which can be access in JS on the global journey object. See for more details.

  • Support DB images in the display-image component using bind. See the docs here.


  • Fixed handling of 404 errors and timeouts when using OnlineDB.

  • Fixed a memory leak that caused the container to crash on older devices and with large apps.

  • Fixed navigation drawer not correctly evaluating $: functions, which caused labels and icons to break.

  • Fixed ActionSheet positioning issues and updated to be more visually consistent across platforms.


  • Improved navigation, using native maps on Android and iOS devices.

  • Visual and functional improvements to the sync indicator. Adding a dropdown to show more detail on the current sync progress.

  • Visual updates to the context-menu (i.e. kebab menu), replacing the old right hand side menu.

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