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Runtime 4.75

AUTHOR: JourneyApps Product Team

We are excited to announce that runtime version 4.75 stable has been released.

You can use this version of the runtime by selecting it from the list of stable runtime versions under App Settings/Runtime Version in OXIDE.



  • An issue where using the back button on a mouse, or the back button in the web browser (for web only) would cause the app to show a blank screen.



  • An issue where a radio button's circle shrinks when it the option has a lot of text.



  • A regression where navigate.x functions in a view's resume() function would cause an Unknown error and not navigate as expected.



  • A regression with multiple-choice-checklist, where the component did not recognize options described inside the component node in XML has been fixed.


<var name="contact_methods" type="multiple-choice"/>
<multiple-choice-checklist label="Alt syntax" bind="contact_methods3" on-change="$:optionChange($value)">
  <option key="email">Email</option>
  <option key="sms">SMS</option>
  <option key="post">Post</option>



  • Regression with visibility of primary buttons and button-groups.



  • Regression where long dialog titles did not display correctly.



  • Regression with navigation component which caused empty items to be displayed in the navigation drawer.



  • An issue with component display-photo and capture-photo where tooltips inside the fullscreen preview would break.

  • Support for component single-choice-radio syntax, allowing options to be described inside the component XML, for example:

<var name="contact_method" type="text"/>
<single-choice-radio bind="contact_method" label="Select you preferred contact method"> 
    <option key="email">Email</option>
    <option key="phone">Phone</option>
    <option key="mail">Mail</option>



  • Regression where empty columns did not hide.


This release includes all the fixes for v4.74.x and the following:


  • Added journey.leaveApp() function to programmatically leave the app.

  • Introduced journey.runtime.version in order to get the current runtime information, see journey.runtime for more information.

  • Support for dark theme date- and time pickers on Android and iOS.

  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the date-picker component.

  • Added the ability to clear the date in object-table V3, by hitting the delete or backspace key when the date-picker is open.

  • Added experimental support for Bluetooth (BLE).

  • Added ability to query by id.


  • The single-choice-radio component has been improved and visually updated, adding support for the disabled attribute. See the syntax reference for more detail.

  • The multi-choice-checklist component now supports the disabled attribute and has been visually updated.

  • Loading of translations in the sidebar are now more consistent.

  • Improved consistency when evaluating show-if and hide-if attributes for all components.

  • Improved mouse interactions on buttons, on-press and on-long-press now only trigger when using the left mouse button.

  • Added a label attribute to the info-table component and visually improved how it is displayed in dark theme and in dialogs.

  • Improved dialog component scrolling when it has a lot of content. Also, added support for align="fullwidth" on the <body/> tag, allowing the dialog to go full width.

  • Improved developer console tooling:

    • Access view variables directly from the console.

    • Call view functions directly from the console.

    • Click on console stack traces to view source.

    • Use Promise/await in the console for any asynchronous functions.

    • Show view XML name in stack trace of errors in $: functions.


  • Fixed detection of users logged out via the backend API.

  • Fixed an issue with background location tracking.

  • Fixed an issue where an update will be blocked by a view's on-back function.

  • Fixed icon colors in the navigation component when using custom image icons.

  • Fixed an issue where the view history dropdown (long-press on the back button) would not close.

  • Fixed object-table V3's default text sorting on text cells, and improved UX for clickable elements such as cell- and row-actions, editable cells, sorting, filters, etc.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the navigation drawer to incorrectly evaluate expressions when using $: functions for labels and icons.

  • Fixed text-input placeholders not always displaying special characters correctly.

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