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Enhanced Security with Multi-factor authentication for Developers

AUTHOR: JourneyApps Product Team

We are excited to announce that we have added support for multi-factor authentication (MFA) for developers signing into the platform (e.g. to access OXIDE).

Available to all developers starting today, MFA provides an additional layer of protection by requiring multiple forms of verification during sign-in. We strongly encourage everyone to enable this security feature.

Simply navigate to the Security tab in your Profile, where you can configure the following authentication methods:

  1. App Authentication: Use an app installed on your device that supports the TOTP (time-based one-time password) algorithm to generate a unique code (e.g. Authy, Google Authenticator).

  2. SMS/Text Message: Receive a code on your device via SMS/Text message.

To maximize security, we recommend configuring both MFA methods. Your primary method, indicated by the "Primary" pill, will be used when signing in. In case your primary method is unavailable, the secondary method will serve as a fallback.

Backup Codes: Ensure that you generate and store backup codes once you have MFA configured. Backup codes will help you gain access to your account in case you do not have access to your multi-factor authentication code. Once generated, store your backup codes in a secure location that you can easily access in the future.

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