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Data Rules - Specify sync rules and data ACLs in one XML file

AUTHOR: JourneyApps Product Team

We have released data rules to OXIDE.

Data rules are a combination of sync rules and Access Control Lists (ACLs), specified in a single XML document. Specifically, data rules allow you to specify not only which data is synced to devices (as sync rules currently do), but it also allows you to define granular read and write permissions on individual data buckets and models. Data rules, therefore, provide you more control over what data users have access to and make apps more secure by default.

For existing apps, it is very simple to migrate to data rules. See our guide here.

All new apps created since this release will have data rules enabled.

Added to OXIDE:

  • A Migrate to Data Rules action to migrate your app from sync rules to data rules.

  • A Data buckets panel to easily browse and access the data buckets defined in your data rules.

  • An Open data bucket action to easily open and jump to a specific data bucket in the data rules file.

  • Note: For apps that have not yet been migrated to data rules, the panel and action are called Sync buckets and Open sync bucket respectively.

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