JourneyApps Product Team

Container 23.7.1

AUTHOR: JourneyApps Product Team

We are excited to announce that version 23.7.1 of the JourneyApps Container has been released for all platforms.


  • Support for deep linking into apps. This functionality is currently in limited beta, and more details will be shared soon. If you'd like access to the beta please contact us.

  • The ability to create debug builds for Android containers (incl. RealWear). This option will be released to the container configuration in OXIDE soon; for now we will need to create these builds for you. Please contact us if you need such a build.


  • The resolution attribute for capture-photo now also covers images uploaded from the device's gallery, and this functionality is now more consistent between the platforms.


  • A bug where container-level features were included in a build even though they were disabled in the container configuration.

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